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Dubai Update

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Can't sleep. I think it's more from being overtired rather than jet-lag, + I'm in Dubai! Btw, my surprise by this hotel, cost less than Paris. But Paris has 20 districts starting @ 1, being the centre of the city & going out in a snail shape to 20. I was in district 8. Poor Karen & Coby were in 16! They have no idea how they ended up there, as all prior hotels were 5 star & they paid for everything in package. My shower lol, theirs=stand in tub thing, no curtain & not tall enough for Coby, kept hitting head on roof (slightly taller than me)! My best was in Sorrento, fantastic! Balcony overlooking all of coast line. Took quick video of spectacular view. Also have some gorgeous pics of sunset, & of sunrise, over mountains & water with little chinese outdoor sitting thing as focal point. Will be enlarging & framing that! Have sooo many that I can do that with. Lol, walking through Verona, so many gorgeous oil paintings on street for sale. I took pics of 2, lined them up carefully. Simone gave me a weird look. I showed him pics just taken & said "I don't have to buy, can enlarge & frame when I get home", he lol'd to that & totally agreed. Will just be taking memory card/s (will put 8GB in prior to tour. Imagine having to change that on a camel!)to Harvey Norman for single prints (to start with) & disc. No point putting on laptop, then transferring to usb or disc then to HN's, or via memory to HN website. Btw, pick up on Thurs, doesn't matter when you drop them off-just let them know, is a lot cheaper than any other day. Oil pics won't be as good as originals, but in an expensive frame... Now have to remember to divide Dirham (by 3.4) to get $, rather than multiplying, which I was doing in Europe (€ x 1.4=$). And, now 2hrs closer to Aust time. Dubai only 6hrs behind, Europe was 8. Plus hungry now too. Ate last @ 10:30pm Europe time, which was 12:30am here. It's now 11:30am. Don't want to eat too much as have mediterainian (that word doesn't look right at all, lol). Now sitting in down stairs covered outdoor, aircon cafe having coffee. Went to ask reception about tour, whole pack was dropped off here for me, including p/u @ 7:50pm for 11pm flight, intinerary, brochures & info on Dubai. There coming to pick me up for tour @ 4:30pm (depended on sun-set time). Thankfully as is now 45deg, but humidity. Feels like you have heater blowing in your face & like trying to breath in a sauna. Went to come outside to see terrace, no thank you! Breaky is @ 6:30 to 10:30, with check-out @ 12pm, woooo hooo, sleep in til 9:30am! Won't get back here until 10:30 tonight as tour goes for 6hrs. Was planning to then shower, get changed & have few drinks @ bar in Emerites shop centre, but will see how I go. May fall asleep on the camel, pmsl! Shuttle bus to emerites mall/sking is free but only leaves @ 9:30am then @ 6:10pm. Heads back @ 1:30 & 10pm. But guy @ reception, so nice, told me only 5mins in cab & very cheap cabs here. Plus concierge out front of hotel, so all good between here & shops. Chatted to guy @ reception, laughed @ difference in weather. Only rains here about once a year! Ok, off to shops for couple of hrs & get some lunch : )

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