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Last Day Dubai

leaving dubai for bangkok

Shopping update. Next time I come to Dubai, will be bringing empty suitcase. Found great shop, sooo cheap, but vases, trinkets too heavy! Oh, no need to go out for sisha now, I bought one ; ) guy tried to talk me into huge one, all hand painted & cheap too. Told him I can't take that home with me, he replied yes you can, comes in box, take it on the plane as hand luggage, pmsl! (btw, may have to ditch one of the boxes with early bday pressie for family member, sorry. All good, not breakable.) Also bought, amongst other things, 6 x silver goblets with gorgeous stand. Has blue stones all over, including goblets. Russian tradition to drink vodka from silver goblets. Lol, HB & Vodka @ my place, well new one, outside on terrace.... Had warm molten cake filled with (ozzing) nutella with vanilla bean ice-cream & a coffee. Could soooo fall asleep right now (albeit lack of sleep over past 3wks!). Sitting in huge, comfy lounge chair finishing coffee. These chairs are so low, table normal height, makes me feel short! Bit more browsing, now 3:40pm, hence my coffee, cake & almost nanna nap. Starting to wind down now, well as of yesterday, & make the most of the final days of my trip. Looking forward to coming home, over living out of a suitcase, plus all the comforts we take for granted (see toilets, unisex & only ever one, in Europe when posted). But, kind of sad @ the same time that it's coming to an end, if that makes sense. But, def coming back to Dubai via Greece, hopefully only 2yrs time. Sorrento will do again, maybe not until I'm a nanna, lol ; ) Saw @ 12:30pm it was 41degs! Can't get over all people saying, "yes mam; your welcome mam". Very few cabs @ Emerites. Concierge let me cut the line line as after waiting for 30mins, but made it to Marina in heaps of time. Cabby was so cool. Said "shove it" to shopping centre carpark attendent & kept driving as cut through shop car park & out the otherside : ) he said way too much traffic, public hol. Was zooming in out lanes. They keeping saying thankyou, over & over as I tipped. The one back to hotel after boat was EAD 20.50, gave him EAD 25, just over $1 extra! Lol, rolling my "R's" saying to cabbies, Hotel Ibis, Al Brasha. Tend to do that every now & again (Ruski in me), even more so when tired. Oh, when I said cruise around, ie little yellow rubber jet boat. I, of course, sat in the 1st seat @ bow. Was told that's the bumpiest seat. Up & down hitting the waves, left & right etc (still amazes me how those things can turn on a dime) & did I really want to sit there, bring it on! lol. Was told any probs, raise my hand. Was a walk in the park compared to last night's roller coaster ride through the dunes. No wonder, asked @ end, how fast? Only 25kts! Now sitting in hotel bar, cold aircon, as in jeans etc for plane, waiting for transfer. Having vodka & diet coke, hoping will help me sleep on plane. Ok, next stop Bankok, may not be any free wi-fi in airport. If so, next update = when I get home. xox

Posted by LisaNujin 08:45

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