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Bangkok Airport Update

From yesterday... (waiting for hot water system to re-heat, first load washing in)

Bangkok Typed bit by bit earlier today. Forgot to mention, Dubai security took my little cuticle clippers, lol. No biggy, in little manicure set from Reject Shop=$2, for traveling, not that I used it! I went to take my see through bags out of bp, told no need. Bp gets stopped & shuffled to side. Out comes the set, then them out of that, then told "not allowed". Funny how different countries differ so much. Had them the whole time til then ie Syd, Rome & Paris. Had altercation prior to Dubai take off. Not sure what exactly happened. Stewardesses, one in front, then lady who looked like had been/or was about to start crying, then other one behind, into little kitchenette behind me, from about 6 rows in front. Then told, delay due to security reason, persons luggage being removed, didn't see person leave/be removed, though. Only then saw security come & speak to her & stewardesses, they got her bag from overhead & moved her to another seat down the back. Tried to listen to convo behind me, curiousity, couldn't here. Oh well, another travel mystery. Flights chockas! I put a summer dress in my backpack. Always planning on doing that so can get changed in toilets prior to getting luggage (lot easier) to then leave @ secure luggage place. Glad I didn't forget, as by the time I've done that, luggage should be on conveyor belt, or close there to. I may look a bit strange walking around the airport in a summer dress & sneakers, who cares, lol! Will change shoes when get luggage. Another time change x 3hrs. Now 8:30am (currently 31degs), Syd = 11:30am, only 3hrs behind now : ) Managed 3hrs sleep, straight! Not sure how, (may have been the white wine with dinner or the camomile tea) planes like a kindy/school, kids everywhere. So noisy, to be expected though. Put headphones on, usually do (domestic also) just to block out noise, had to listen to music & even that didn't drown it out. Btw, check out "Calm Reflection" by "Stuart Jones", 2008-New World Music, very good & so relaxing, put me to sleep : ) Oh, was also told to go & look @ "waiting" in Syd Gallery by the older lady (broad beach) when leaving Paris... Currency THB 100 = $3... Queue for immigration very long. Luggage will be there prior to me for sure, lol. Oih, they sent my luggage straight to Sydney & I specifically asked/confirmed @ Dubai for them not to as they gave me boarding passes from Dubai to Bangkok & from Bangkok to Sydney also. Luggage, will def be there when I get there! Well, would hope so! All good, save money on checking into secure luggage. Just means I need to purchase another bag (crappy & cheap this time), plus get to wear sneakers with dress & look like a dag, but comfy, for a reason. Soooo glad I put change of clothes in! Wooo hooo, off shopping : ) Taking cab to markets as only THB 400...

Posted by LisaNujin 17:11

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