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Day In Bangkok

Bangkok update. Another cool cabby, keeps calling me misses. Btw, airport has english speaking public cab lines giving you a ticket & fixed price. So is 400=$12. Tried to explain luggage to cabby + shopping & new bag, lol, classic. Bought couple of small things duty free after last check-in, (Dubai soft camels, my aka mum & baby. Couldn't resist, too cute & cheap, lol.) + have clothes. I'm sure even without that stuff would have had to buy another carry bag anyway. Boarding @ 7pm so will need to be back by 5pm. Takes approx 35mins to markets, for $12! Possibly quicker by train, without traffic, but...get to see local stuff. Chatted to cabbie, said is going to point out sky train to airport for me when we get there, said, "Easy misses to get back to airport. Quicker misses, half the time, almost". Way to funny... Then, "I show you round market misses, no problems misses, I like you misses, you from australia misses, good heart misses, no probs extra money misses, I like you misses", pmsl. Gave me drive/tour around then dropped near station to airport, right near markets. Paid, then he shook my hand, said, "you very nice misses, I like you very much misses, you come back again misses". Oh, he also told me, "get feet tired, take toot toot!" Did markets, 1st stop was supposed to be for bag, but purshased (put note in phone, with cost as no receipts, so I would remember what was what) 3 x fake branded tops. Asked how much for 1, bartered that down, then for 2, again got price down, then how much for 3, soooo cheap ; ) 3 x dress tops, then 2 x dressier tops, all as per prior. Was crouching down to unlock back pack (getting money out to pay for 2 tops, plus had other stuff just bought in plastic bags & no bench/seat) & the breeze from the fan, outside markets, blew the side of my dress up. Wore light weight wrap dress. The look of their faces, (older ladies, as I didn't bother moving) for the first second was priceless, until I told them, & they saw, I had my little shorts on underneath (hence I didn't care). They then lol'd & gave me an impressed/approving look. Knew I'd be walking outdoors today in humidity, no where near as bad as Dubai thankfully. Then found my cotton/beach bag, machine washable, THB 200 ($6), I said 150, she said 170. Didn't have the heart to try & get her any lower. Is white & black with brown effalants. Bought some other things, including a pressie for the Nonna dowstairs as a thankyou for collecting my mail. I also gave her a key, even though I turned the power off from the mains, just in case (another dump & burn etc). Oh & a really pretty long sleeve top with matching pants, great for weather when I get home in about 12hrs! Yes, guys/men, I can hear your yawns, lol ; )Had some guy following me from stall to stall for about 10mins. I made it clear, without being obvious (turned full circle casually & slowly as if I was looking around) so he would see the lock on my backpack & that it was securely on my left shoulder, with my arm/elbow over the side zip part, could then see combo lock @ bottom. Also to show other bag, obv, no valuables! He disappeared after that. Now either I'm still "little miss observant" when tired, or he was obvious. Took pic of sign warning pick pockets & thefts predominant! Took, toot toot @ 2:30pm, as sun shower (only lasted couple of mins) + over markets/shopping. Only saw about 1/8th! Toot, toot driver also crack up. 100 for 1hr. I said "only want 30mins", he said "cost 70". Huh? I said, "how can that be, has to be 50 but make it 40 & ok?" He laughed & called me a kangaroo. Asked what time I needed to be @ airport (I had heaps more time, but told him earlier) he said, "ok kangaroo, I'll do 1hr for 50, will take you to jewelry direct wholesale. If you buy, I get free fuel. I help you, by taking you there, get good price. You help me free fuel, ok?" (total hoon too. Tried to take pics, nup, did quick video. He stopped & took a pic of me though.) Gorgeous jewels which they set there, by design also if you want. Saw setters, couldn't take pics. Had private seller showing me around. Sooo pretty, all jewelry stunning! Found jade stone bracelet (about 1/2 way mark), cheapest thing, BIG time by far, different colours for THB 200, very pretty, sooo cheap! Thought that would do, so I could help him for free fuel, lol. Umm.....ooohhh...nooo...I then found a 9ct gold, a diamond & citrine (Thai stone) ring, perfect fit (was meant for me, well that's my logic). They said "very lucky madam, otherwise would have to make/set for you". After barter, reduced from 15,400 down to 10,710 with personal card verification/certificate. Has my name, date purchased, all info about ring quality (with pic of ring to left), size of diamonds=one on each side (.19ct), citrine stone=in middle (.92ct), gold weight (1.82g) etc, with approvals by heaps on back also stating Gem Production...sell under supervision by Thailand Govt...on back. All of the checks re diamonds & stone + weight was done & verified in front of me. Have Certificate of Guarantee card in little envelope with receipt. Would hate to think what that would cost me back in Aust! (Lana, will go perfect with the diamond/champagne congac earings passed down/given to me by Aunty Mara!) They asked me about my magnetic thumb ring (they told me Citrine stone is good for the stomach, I showed them ring) as they had only ever seen bracelets & necklaces. I told them as had I. They said is good for blood (which I knew, plus arthritis) as well as energy. Well there you go! Have the ring to be thankful for. Didn't know about energy, purchased on 2nd day from Pompei Ruins. Toot toot driver waited outside, not sure how long I was in there for. Everything so shiny ; ) & again couldn't take photos of anything. He asked, "how many THB". When I told him, he was very happy. Free fuel must be based on purchase price. Dropped me @ station approx 3:55pm, paid only the THB 50, that's only $1.50! Took train back, only THB 45. Back @ airport @ 4:25pm. Heaps of time to change back into jeans, confirm carry-on weight is under 7kg (Came in @ 4.4kg. Guy tagged) & look @ duty free. 2hrs til boarding. Next destination, Sydney!, lol @ 8am. Not sure how long customs will take. But, have all purchases in new bags (apart from ring, that's combo locked in bp) with all receipts. Can bring $900 back, excluding clothes & shoes. So, will only need to declare, I presume, food=truffle jams etc & coffee (from famous coffee shop in Rome=vaccume sealed. Bag smells sooo good!). Will also be doing last lot of duty free shopping. On plane, woo hoo, have window seat with 2 spare seats beside me, make shift bed after dinner! Enough room to sit/lye sideways to watch movie, until then. Will finish watching "We Bought a Zoo". Watched "The Decedants" & "I Don't know How She Does it" on the way over, 22hrs! & part WBZ. Continued whilst eating dinner yesterday, will finish tonight. They also have "This Means War", histerical, saw it @ movies! New releases, but no American Pie... Menu for dinner has smoked duck as starter, think I'll go poached snapper for main (not a fan of green thai curry, too hot for me) & raspberry gateau for desert, as well as usual cheese & bisc, chocs, drinks. Mmmm....now craving, for when I get home, Lonestar steak (& ribs), about 10mins drive up the street from me, lol... Who knows what I'll feel like Sunday night ; )

Posted by LisaNujin 17:20

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