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Quick Update (as per FB)

Spent all day in Reggio Emelia (9:30 - 5pm), just finished dinner, heading into town for drinks. Monia is working @ the bakery tomorrow (4:30am!), & Simone's parents are coming over @ 9:30am, always do on a Saturday to spend day with grandkids & Simone (also do lunch with Monia's parents), so heading to Verona with Simone until late-afternoon, will have lunch there, then all heading out for dinner tomorrow night. Doing BBQ lunch here on Sunday with about 20 friends, as they always do about once a month. As I said to Simone, is that all! Another earthquake here again today, & again, thankfully didn't feel a thing... Haven't had chance to update travel blog with days prior events. Shall try tomorrow. Ciao ciao...

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Non-FB users

Update - Earthquakes

Hi all non-FB friends, quick update re. earthquake/s. All ok here, the one a couple of days ago, I was in Rome, Vatican City (protected by the Pope), didn't feel a thing. There was another one again tonight @ 9pm, Simone & Monia live in Reggio Emelia, we were outside, again nothing. Where it happened is approx. 20ks from Reggio Emelia. Haven't had time to update travel blog as of yet, hopefully tomorrow (have been puting quick updates on FB). Now have free wi-fi at Simone & Monias. Off to the morning markets (until 12pm) at Reggio Emelia tomorrow & to then have a look around. Simone & Monia live in the country, bus takes about 15mins from here to Town with bus stop a couple 100mtrs up the street, which does a full circle of the town every hour. Did Milan today, had a / have been having a fantastic time! Hope all's well, further updates soon xox

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Quick Update

Last Day in Rome

Hey, quick update, having a ball! Still no Sim. By the time I finished Ancient Rome yesterday and headed out for dinner, the stores that sell Sims, only approx. 2 places per City were closed. And the internet here at the Hotel was down. Went to the place close by the morning, doesnt open until 9.30am, its 8.45 here now. Not having much luck with technology here as of yet, lol! About to head back out now to do the finial things on my list for Rome then heading to Simones by train at 5.10pm. Fingers crossed I can get a Sim whilst out in Rome today, but if not Simone can help me get one tomorrow. BTW, got, the little miss, at reception this morning. Everyone else here has been soooo nice apart from her. Said I just needed to use internet for 5mins to let family & friends back home know Im ok, still same price 2 euro which is about $2.80 which is ok, but for 5mins when that cost is for 3hours. Sooo many lol and also breathtaking (views) moments etc which I shall update when I get to Simones over the next couple of days. Ok, ciao ciao (big smile)........

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Happy Travels


Day 1 - Hey! Having an absolute ball! Am in love with Italy, well Sorrento to be precise. And, well, keep getting told I am beautiful by all the men:) Thought it was just a tourist thing, but have been invited out for dinner 3 times today, with 2 drink invitations tonight. What can I say but Grazia, no, Im only here for the one night. Have accepted a drink invitation from the Tour guy for tomorrow night, as I was telling him I was going to go to try and find that place in Rome after our tour finishes, so he has offered to take me after our tour tomorrow. Finishes at 9.30pm, so approx 10.30 he is going to come and pick me up. I figure better to go out in Rome with a local, plus for the safety, and well, I know who he works for too. Still no Sim. The only place in Sorrento that sells sims is closed today (Sunday), but where else can you play with a dog on the floor of a Bar, or have Gellato which has been blessed and eaten by the Pope. Yes, have pics, sooo many pics. Did Napels & Pompei today, Sorrento late this afternoon and tonight. Doesnt close until 12am, but last courtesy shuttle was at 11.15pm. Pompei is sooo big and very eerie... The Hotel Im at over looks part of the amafi coast, so pretty. Off to Capri, Blue Grotto etc tomorrow. Have been told by Matt, Brissy guy on tour, people he was talking to today at lunch (I was with the American girls, lol!) you have to lay down in the boat to get through the enterance, so we have been prewarned to have cameras ready to go on our chests to take pics as going in, well under. Weather is gorgeous, has been around 30 deg, with such a nice breeze. Had the best piece of cake at lunch today, lemon and coconut icing with the sponge soaked in lemon liquor, YUMO! And, well, I got a bigger bit, waiter told me I was a very beautiful lady, see, all good... Well, what can I say apart from officially day 1 almost over and I am having a brillant time! Have to keep pinching myself to make sure its real. 15 years of dreaming of doing this and Im actually here, feels so surreal, and Im grinning like the cat with the cream. Ok, had best be off, need to go and sit on my balcony and take in the view ; ) ... Ciao xox

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Landed in Rome...

Quick Update...

Hi all, have landed safe and sound in Rome, 22 odd hours on plane!, with only 30mins to grab quick coffee at Dubai. Checked in to Parker Hotel (around 6am your time). No Sim card as of yet as every where that sells them are closed, not like Aus. Could only purchase from a machine at airport and was not going to do that. Using internet at hotel, 2 euro. Need sleep, only had about 6.5 hours on plane! Need to be up at 5.30am for tour and its currently 11.10pm Sat 26th here. Off to Napels tomorrow, will hopefully get a Sim card by then, ciao ciao. BTW have very funny story about getting coffee just up the street, think Rays Dad from Everyone Loves Raymond making a coffee and 1.5 raw sugars, close your (his) eyes and pour from the bottle, oh and it is in a white plastic cup, think kids parties.... He only charged me 1 euro, winked and through it into the tip jar! Ciao for now xxx

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