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Europe Itinerary (Part 2 of 2)

Cities and Places - Paris / Dubai / Bangkok etc from Mon 11th June to Sun 17th June

Mon 11th June - Arrive Paris 7am. Check in Hotel Paris Saint Honore. Tour from 9.30am to 12pm "Lourve' Museum" to see Mona Lisa, amongst other things.... Rest of Day / Night in Paris to explore. To do's: Sainte Chapelle Church (located within Palais de Justice Compound), Luxembourg Gardens for lunch, La Grande Arche - de la Defense = top of building for view and down rest of street, "Spectacle of Light When Sun Goes Out", River Seine and Eifel Tower to see night lights, Dinner on River Seine, Arc de Triompte 10pm to 11pm for evening flame lit for forgotten Solider (story states, died on front line in WW1, never identified, hence "forgotten Soldier").

Tue 12th - Tour from 8.30am to 4.30pm "A Paris Full Day": Notre Dame Cathredral, Garnier's, Vendome Square, Concorde Square, Champs Elysees Ave, Arc de Triomphe, Lunch at "Le 58 Tour Eiffel", free time to take in views from Eiffel Tower, Boat Cruise along River Seine, Montmarte Hill, Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmarte Church, Artists Square, Place du Tertre. Then back to hotel, make myself beauuutiful ; ) then back out for Dinner somewhere in Paris. Not sure about the snails or frog legs as of yet though. Snails, I think slugs on footpath, frogs, I think BNE toads. Will try to overcome those visions and do my best, but not promises, lol : )

Wed 13th - Whole day in Paris to wander around, shop, buy perfume (need to restock some that I've run out of too), explore etc.... Leave Paris at 9.50pm. BTW - have booked (well, Nina did. Again, a BIG thanks sweetness! If you need a travel agent.... Nina / great friend is the BEST!) all hotel/airport (and vice-versa) transfers.

Thurs 14th - Arrive Dubai at 6.20am. Check in Ibis Hotel Al barsha (located in their MASSIVE Shopping Centre). Wander Dubai Shops, then Tour at 3.30pm to 9.30pm: "Sundowner - Dune Dinner Safari", same as Sex in the City Tour! As per their itinerary: The Mysterious desert beckons you for a magical evening out - an adventure you will never forget. Leaving behind the bustle of the city in the afternoon, our safari guides will transport you by 4WD for a thrilling (all good, have great travel insurance, also covers hijacking...) journey over rolling dunes through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Enroute you will stop to see camels resting at their camp and then from the crest of the high dune, watch the sun cast its orange glow over the vast expanse of rippling sand all around you as it sets. Like a shimmering mirage in the distance you will see the flickering lights of your camp where a traditional Arabian welcome awaits you. Relax on comfortable low cushions in Bedu tents and quench your thirst, have your hands painted with henna designs, experience a camel ride. Enjoy the aromatic shisha (aka okka pipe or hubbly bubbly!), a feast of grilled meats, fresh salads and delectable Arab sweets served under a galaxy of stars, you will be entertained by belly dancers to Arabian music. Back to hotel, then head to downstairs bar for drinks.

Fri 15th - Whole day in Dubai - if 40deg - not heading outside, humidity is shocking! Ski in Shopping Centre, Shopping (mostly window). Leave Dubai at 11pm.

Sat 16th - Arrive Bangkok at 8.20am. Have the whole day to explore Bangkok (well those parts close to the airport / City), head to markets, shops, local tourist attractions etc. Can't do efalent (yes, elephant, for those of you who thought that was a really bad typo) ride as too far out : ( And, Wherever The Beat of My Own Drum Takes Me for my Final Day of o/s hols.... Leave Bangkok at 7.50pm.

Sun 17th - Arrive / Back in Sydney at 7.45am.... Then home sweet home.....

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Europe Itinerary (Part 1 of 2)

Cities and Places - Rome etc from Sat 26th May to Sun 10th June

Hey all,

as promised, my Itinerary..... Excuse all typos it's very early Sat (26th) morning and no spell check on this thing....

Sat 26th May - Leave Sydney at 6am, Arrive Dubai at 2.30pm, Depart Dubai at 3.45pm, Arrive Rome at 8pm. Staying at Parker Hotel. BTW, all hotels include buffet breakfast, so can eat big breakfast and then have light afternoon snack.

Sun 27th - Tour "Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento" pick-up at 8.30 am. Tour town of Naples (My must = have small piece pizza and try Ricca stogliatella. I saw on travel website is a must for both. The last is a sweet pastry filled with sweet ricotta). Then onto Pompeii for lunch and ruins, Sorrento for dinner and night.

Mon 28th - Breakfast in Sorrento then onto Capri by steamer. Blue Grotto, Marina Grande, Anacapri for lunch, Augustus Gardens plus view of Faraglioni. Back to Rome / Parker Hotel at 9.30pm. Rest of night to explore Rome nightlife.

Tue 29th - Tour "Skip The Line - Prestige Tour - Vatican City & Museum" 8.30am - 12.30pm. Sistine Chapel (decorated by Michelangelo), Basilica of St. Peter (largest Roman Catholic Church in world with Michelangelo Pieta). Climb 320 stairs to top of Domb (work of that ricca stog, from day prior!). Wonder around Rome. Then next Tour "Ancient Colosseum" 3pm - 6pm. Pazza Venezia - Victor Emanuel II monument, walk up Capitol Square (deigned by Michelangelo), view over Roman Forum, visit Colosseum and Pyramid Cestia, Basilica of St Paul's visit - see Tomb of Apostle. Back to Hotel, make myself look pretty : ), then off to have dinner in Rome, followed by a couple of drinks at "Etabli", another must as per travellors website.

Wed 30th - Full day for me to discover Rome - my must do's: Domos Aurea (Golden House), Pantheon, Throw coin in Trevi Fountain, Gelato at "II Gelato di San Crispino", Chocolates / liquor chocs (will purchase some) at "Cioccolatae Vino", Wrapped candy at "Moriondo & Gariglio", Coffee at "Sant Eustachio" - this is where all the famous go and scribble 'Best Coffee in World' on napkins etc - well, so says the travel web-site. As you can see, not just tourist monuments, have to indulge the sweet tooth, senses also ; ) Check-out of hotel (or already checked out, collect my suitcase), then off to Termini station, not far walk from Hotel, to Reggio Emilla. Train is at 5.10pm, arrive R/E at 8.04pm. I have 1st class Euro-rail 6 day passes, ie. bigger seats, more leg room, toilets and dinning cart. 2nd class is similar to getting on everyday train here. Plus, can pre-book 1st class. Simone (and maybe Monia + kids) picking me up from R/E station, then off to their place.

Thurs 31st - (These may change depending on weather): quick shop at R/E for b/fast & lunches etc. Am planning on making my own lunches to take on my day trips, cheaper, and if I don't eat it, decide to have lunch out, who cares - 2 pieces bread, ham, lettuce cheese! Fruit is fruit and will still be ok for afternoon snack etc. Then off to Verona for 3/4 day. My must do's: Juliet's Window, Verona Arena, The Cathedral of Verona and the San Zeno Church, Head back to Simone & Monia's that night.

Fri 1 June - Off to Venice - day trip. BTW - all my day trips are by 1st class Euro trains. My must do's: Gondola down waterways, Piazza San Marco - St Mark's Basilica Church, Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace), Torre dell'Orologio (Clock), San Nicolo'dei Mendicoli Chruch and Campanile for view of City.

Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd - Out and about with Simone and Monia

Mon 4th - Tuscany - Head to Sienna via Pisa. Pisa must do's: Leaning Tower of Pisa, Duomo Pisa Church, Piazza dei Miracoli, Baptistry of St. John (with singing every 30mins - a must do inside and also outside the Church), Have Lunch whilst listening to singing in Piazza outside, Camposanto (Cemetary), Museo Nazionale di San Matteo (Donatello Sculpture), Head to Siena, check into Hotel Italia Siena, Dinner and explore.

Tue 5th - Head to Siena Beach and Thermal Baths for early morning swim, Collodi Park, Montalcino, Explore Country and Wineries, go in seach of, or rather, hopefully stumble accross, after a few vino's, lol ; ), truffels!!! Head back to R/E (Simone & Monia's) on last train.

Wed 6th - Whole day doing who knows as of yet. Maybe head to Bologna, here, there and everywhere..... ; ) hehe

Thur 7th - Off to Florence - Day Trip. Florence must do's: Piazza de Signoria Galleria dell'Accddemia to see the Statue of David. Will be taking the bus up and walking back down. Everyone says on travellers web-site DO NOT walk the hill up as by the time you get up there you are too stuffed to enjoy the Statute of David or the view, this was even stated from a PT, so go figure! It must not look as steep or as far as it actually is. And no, I checked, you can't get on the bus 1/2 way up, that would have been ideal. Basilica di Santa Croce Church, Piazza del Duomo and Museodi Sann Marco (Museum / Monestry), Head back on the last train to R/E.

Fri 8th - Simone and Monia, hoping to take day off and will spend day with them. Possibly head to markets in R/E and then who knows.

Sat 9th - Leave R/E from station at 7.38am, Arrive Milan at 9.15am. Things to do in Milan until 3pm, Santa Maria delle Grazie Church for da Vinici's "Last Supper", Scale the Duomo and head to the "HClub" for lunch / afternoon tea for a Russian Salad. Was noted in travellors web-site by a Russian tourist, is as good as her Babba makes back home, so this is a must have for me!. Leave Milan at 3.05pm, Arrive Nice at 8.05pm, Check-in to Univers, which overlooks beach - and first part of French Rivera. Head out to dinner and maybe a couple of drinks too.

Sun 10th - will wonder to Monaco for 1/2 day look around, then back to hotel, check-out but leave luggage with concierge, then off to Cannes for rest of day. Leave Nice by over night sleeper train at 8pm.

Mon 11th - Arrive Paris - see Paris / Dubai / Bangkok Itinerary

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