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Last Day Dubai

leaving dubai for bangkok

Shopping update. Next time I come to Dubai, will be bringing empty suitcase. Found great shop, sooo cheap, but vases, trinkets too heavy! Oh, no need to go out for sisha now, I bought one ; ) guy tried to talk me into huge one, all hand painted & cheap too. Told him I can't take that home with me, he replied yes you can, comes in box, take it on the plane as hand luggage, pmsl! (btw, may have to ditch one of the boxes with early bday pressie for family member, sorry. All good, not breakable.) Also bought, amongst other things, 6 x silver goblets with gorgeous stand. Has blue stones all over, including goblets. Russian tradition to drink vodka from silver goblets. Lol, HB & Vodka @ my place, well new one, outside on terrace.... Had warm molten cake filled with (ozzing) nutella with vanilla bean ice-cream & a coffee. Could soooo fall asleep right now (albeit lack of sleep over past 3wks!). Sitting in huge, comfy lounge chair finishing coffee. These chairs are so low, table normal height, makes me feel short! Bit more browsing, now 3:40pm, hence my coffee, cake & almost nanna nap. Starting to wind down now, well as of yesterday, & make the most of the final days of my trip. Looking forward to coming home, over living out of a suitcase, plus all the comforts we take for granted (see toilets, unisex & only ever one, in Europe when posted). But, kind of sad @ the same time that it's coming to an end, if that makes sense. But, def coming back to Dubai via Greece, hopefully only 2yrs time. Sorrento will do again, maybe not until I'm a nanna, lol ; ) Saw @ 12:30pm it was 41degs! Can't get over all people saying, "yes mam; your welcome mam". Very few cabs @ Emerites. Concierge let me cut the line line as after waiting for 30mins, but made it to Marina in heaps of time. Cabby was so cool. Said "shove it" to shopping centre carpark attendent & kept driving as cut through shop car park & out the otherside : ) he said way too much traffic, public hol. Was zooming in out lanes. They keeping saying thankyou, over & over as I tipped. The one back to hotel after boat was EAD 20.50, gave him EAD 25, just over $1 extra! Lol, rolling my "R's" saying to cabbies, Hotel Ibis, Al Brasha. Tend to do that every now & again (Ruski in me), even more so when tired. Oh, when I said cruise around, ie little yellow rubber jet boat. I, of course, sat in the 1st seat @ bow. Was told that's the bumpiest seat. Up & down hitting the waves, left & right etc (still amazes me how those things can turn on a dime) & did I really want to sit there, bring it on! lol. Was told any probs, raise my hand. Was a walk in the park compared to last night's roller coaster ride through the dunes. No wonder, asked @ end, how fast? Only 25kts! Now sitting in hotel bar, cold aircon, as in jeans etc for plane, waiting for transfer. Having vodka & diet coke, hoping will help me sleep on plane. Ok, next stop Bankok, may not be any free wi-fi in airport. If so, next update = when I get home. xox

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Non-FB friends

Quick Update

Doing cruise @ 5pm now as all others booked. Goes for 75mins, so heaps of time to get back here for my airport transfer @ 7:50pm, + only 15mins in cab away. At Emirates shops now, heading to Cruise straight from here. Next stop, Bangkok for 1 day then home Sunday morning. Is such a hot day here today, hotter than yesterday, oih! Don't want to know what temp is!!!!

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Dubai Safari Tour

As Per FB, yet again ; )

Safari Tour. Started in 4wd, then 1hr "fun", as Cameron (tour guide) said & bumpy desert ride. We were told any probs, headaches=medication, can't breath=oxygen. Cameron said we would be eating desert cat tonight. I said, "you're joking?", he said, "no". Came up as I was telling, very lovely scottish couple about the snails/frogs legs I had in Paris. Said to Cameron on way back, "no desert cat, was looking forward to it". He laughed & said "thought we were having menu #5 but had #4 instead" lol. There was a dutch couple (very back seat 4wd), the scottish couple & their daughter in seats behind me, & myself in the front beside Cameron driving. Had the best seat for desert dunes! Cameron said the desert was windy, & usually they offer spicy & non-spicy, but tonight was special, also now includes sandy & non-sandy! Had toilet stop as would be 2hrs til next ones, including 1hr "fun" drive. Note to myself, don't look @ the sun again through car windows here, blinded! 5:30, in first part of desert, deflating tyres. I made a joke to Scottish couple (will hear on video if you get to watch. Does not do justice to 4wd ing, up hills, stareing straight down @ bottom from top, tilting & sliding to the side. I absolutly LOVE it!), do they have desert sickness tabs, lol as Scottish lady was filming, turned it off as starting to feel sick. I was fine but turned video off as couldn't hold on properly + about to head down very steep sloping, to the right-my side, descent. Bouncing everywhere @ the start & that wasn't the "fun" ride yet. Stopped to watch "Muffin" the falcon. Such a beautiful bird! Flies up to 300ks/hr! No wonder I only got a couple of her flying passed, but heaps with trainer before & after. Then off for next part, 1hr fun ride, mmmm..... Had the best time. Such an adrelain rush. Cameron said was nothing, only Sunday drive, pmsl. Well, not literally, as had toilet break ; ) Tried to take pics of 4wd's in front, opps, no such luck, got pics of dashboard as down we went, or sideways, of course always on my side, skidding/sliding down dunes, then up we go again. Started vid, Cameron knew I was flipping screen around, hellloooo, deliberate sharp right/sliding down dune, on my side! Is on vid, us all cracking up laughing @ him being smart ass, very funny. Stopped half way through to take pics with sun in background. Had some pics done which I purchased @ end of night. They, all of them tour guides, starting calling me Miss Sydney, said I am very photogenic, so beautiful, gorgeous smile.... Can understand if they were ones selling, but different company, so... Hey, I'll take the compliement. Was split between drivers, ours being Cameron, manager. Photo guys, camel guys, food & beverage guys & of course the hubbly bubbly guys. Oh, & henna painting ladies. Then back for more dune bashing. Stopped again for sunset (happens in mins. Prior stop, all beeping & shouting, "hurry up habibs, will miss sunset" lol!) & pics, then onto camp in middle of dessert. Did camel first (twice as 1st time took pics, 2nd time no camera, enjoyed ride through desert). Lol, tried to take a pic of me kneeling beside camel, he was sniffing my hair. Opps forgot to spray perfume in hair! ; ) Then held a falcon & had trainer take pics with my camera & also another which I bought. Also purchased one on camel. Guy said looks like I'm celebrating winning the race as have arm in air kind of yahoo'ing. Have on usb & cd so can post later. Then into another tent, dressed up in hajib, full face covered too, then uncovered, for pics, sitting on lounge, holding traditional tea tray in palm etc (purchased 5 of those ones. Guy gave me discount, then a further discout as I'm "Miss Sydney, so pretty!, only for me though". Yeah right!). Pics on screen looked good, print outs not so, colour is different. Hoping it was just their printer but have the usb & cd to check when get home. Then onto food. Sat on traditional pillows on rugs. Had starters, then onto mains, buffet style. Sooo yummy, with wine (& beer, softdrinks, etc), everything was included, apart from pics. Belly dancer then started just after finished dinner, so got my henna tatt done. 3/4 calf, right leg on right side of a flower (lasts 10-15 days). We were all sitting around make shift stage in U shape, with fairy lights in middle of dessert, sooo pretty & serene, well, until I had the hubbly bubbly & the wine kicked in. Had to wait 1/2 hr for henna to dry, so off to sit on pillows for HB, loved it! Told Cameron, "Sydney's & George's Cafe in Sydney have it but haven't tried it until now". He said "bet you'll now go". Me, "yep, will get friends together & go." Such a nice taste. Guy took it, added lit tabacco, got it going through pipe, put in new mouth piece for me & off I went. Photos sooo funny as i'm either sucking, or trying to time (camera counts down 5secs after touch til pic) blowing it out of nose & mouth. Took small vid too. Then all the lights went out & we got to look @ the stars. I, of course, lied back, as I had 2 cushions, to put head on other one. Sooo pretty, but by this stage I'm cracking up laughing. Not sure if it was from HB, pics trying to take with HB, one of the best days, wine, being overtied or all of the above. Then lights back on & off to look @ digi pics, purchased then headed back to Hotels. Talk about a crack up. Put pics purchase on Visa, as I'm trying to do with most things as earn 2 points for every $1, even in Aust. Guy had to run to top of sand dune to get reception with EFTPOS machine! Cameron was telling all of us that public hol tomorrow, long weekend, so everyone will be out tonight. Everything still open tomorrow, so all good. Under strict instructions from Cameron & others to get some sleep, they have no idea how I'm still going & with so much energy! I didn't even mention thought of going out, but too tired anyway. But lol, sitting in downstairs bar onto 3rd vodka & diet coke. Last drinks so ordered the 3rd. Was told, niteclub in hotel open until 3am. Nup, this little black ducks heading to bed after this, will then get about 8.5hrs sleep. Obv need to wash hair as camel didn't like the smell, lol. Hoping to do 12:15pm cruise tomorrow. Will ask reception to call for me in morning @ 8:30, ask prior to heading upstairs. Is different tour to Cameron's. Would love to come back here again, hopefully stop-over with Greece in 2yrs time. Cameron said I am more than welcome back! As I said I would do that dune safari again, had the best time. This & Sorrento are my major highlights. But, it comes down to the people & the experience. Btw, SITC was done where we were today & Mission Impossible 4 was just filmed, with Tom Cruise hanging off building like spider man, Cameron's words. Ok, heading upstairs now.

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Dubai Afternoon

As Per FB

AED 20 for private car/taxi from Hotel to Emirates, biggest, shops here in Dubai. That's only about $5.90, costs that much before you open the taxi door in Aust!!! About 10mins with lunch time traffic. Concierge walked me to car (out the front of the hotel-still in the circle drive way), driver & concierge both went to open door for me, lol. Shops even have concierge, who opened door to let me out. Poor buggers, in shirt, tie & pants outside in this weather. They have air-con fan behind them on full blast! Just realised where I am food wise, choosing lunch. & here I was saying I wanted to go to Jasmins for dinner when I got home, pmsl. Must have started craving knowing where I was going next. Stayed away from the mixed grill/plate & vine leaves. Will be eating lots of that tonight. May have to go to c chookn' once home, aka "Lassie". A certain person knows what I mean by that ; ) Lunch cost me AED 9.50 which was Manakish + diet pepsi in a can (they didn't have diet coke), that's $2.80! I'm thinking that can't be right. But exchanged €150 (approx $210) which gave me over AED 640, so it is right, just over 3 to 1, insaine!!! Capps the same price as home (which is what I worked out on stop over), extra large (need it now to keep me going, although with heat outside, helloooo.....awake!)=AED 19/$5.60. Lol, barister confirmed low fat milk & brown sugar! Also said "I must give you a cookie too Madam" with a smile... Cookie, free, was mini tea/cinamon cake : ) But, we do get them, every now & again back home, depending on where you go. Ok, done with shopping, will go back tomorrow. Bought a "sweater", Aussie aka, crochet (blue & white stripes with buttons at front) med sleeved top. Prices comparatable to clothes back home, but that was a bargain, again, of course! As I was heading out, saw perfume counter in middle with pretty exotic bottles. Had a look & spoke to nice guy, was selling the after shave. He has friends in Melb. After sniffing 3, then coffee beans, put the 3rd on, gorgeous & only $36! Called Nauf, Swiss Arabian Parfum. In such an exotic bottle too. Sorry guys for girly talk ; ) We were talking about cost difference, only thus far with food & this perfume. Asked him about duty free, said he wasn't sure but prior customers have said duty free don't sell a lot of theirs. Hey, for that price. Such a strong scent too & is 50ml btl. This place is huge, don't want to get lost. Btw, sking is 3 floors, slope is the whole way down! They have KFC delivery on motor bikes.... Saw in cab coming back. Real cab was only AED 10.50, gave him 11 (even though I had the .50), said don't worry about change. Looked through tourist booklet & may do boat/cruise tour around water/beach tomorrow. Get to see Palm Jumeirah, The Atlantis, Burj Al Arab + more & only AED 200. Will ask tour people on pick-up how far to get to meeting point, or can they do pick-up via shuttle bus. But for the cost of a cab here. Goes for 75mins. Waiting for p/u for SITC desert, camel, feast under the stars in lounge chairs with belly dancers, hubbly bubbly, henna painting ect tour. Have cold water AED 1 for btl! suncream (aussie sun=reapply every 2hrs, here mmm.... 20mins maybe), passport (as maybe pulled over for ID checks) & deodrant!!! But, can still smell perfume. As I said to guy, will put more of their sample on (mine cannot be opened) so camels don't spit @ me, will over power sweat smell, lol!

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Dubai Update

As per FB

Can't sleep. I think it's more from being overtired rather than jet-lag, + I'm in Dubai! Btw, my surprise by this hotel, cost less than Paris. But Paris has 20 districts starting @ 1, being the centre of the city & going out in a snail shape to 20. I was in district 8. Poor Karen & Coby were in 16! They have no idea how they ended up there, as all prior hotels were 5 star & they paid for everything in package. My shower lol, theirs=stand in tub thing, no curtain & not tall enough for Coby, kept hitting head on roof (slightly taller than me)! My best was in Sorrento, fantastic! Balcony overlooking all of coast line. Took quick video of spectacular view. Also have some gorgeous pics of sunset, & of sunrise, over mountains & water with little chinese outdoor sitting thing as focal point. Will be enlarging & framing that! Have sooo many that I can do that with. Lol, walking through Verona, so many gorgeous oil paintings on street for sale. I took pics of 2, lined them up carefully. Simone gave me a weird look. I showed him pics just taken & said "I don't have to buy, can enlarge & frame when I get home", he lol'd to that & totally agreed. Will just be taking memory card/s (will put 8GB in prior to tour. Imagine having to change that on a camel!)to Harvey Norman for single prints (to start with) & disc. No point putting on laptop, then transferring to usb or disc then to HN's, or via memory to HN website. Btw, pick up on Thurs, doesn't matter when you drop them off-just let them know, is a lot cheaper than any other day. Oil pics won't be as good as originals, but in an expensive frame... Now have to remember to divide Dirham (by 3.4) to get $, rather than multiplying, which I was doing in Europe (€ x 1.4=$). And, now 2hrs closer to Aust time. Dubai only 6hrs behind, Europe was 8. Plus hungry now too. Ate last @ 10:30pm Europe time, which was 12:30am here. It's now 11:30am. Don't want to eat too much as have mediterainian (that word doesn't look right at all, lol). Now sitting in down stairs covered outdoor, aircon cafe having coffee. Went to ask reception about tour, whole pack was dropped off here for me, including p/u @ 7:50pm for 11pm flight, intinerary, brochures & info on Dubai. There coming to pick me up for tour @ 4:30pm (depended on sun-set time). Thankfully as is now 45deg, but humidity. Feels like you have heater blowing in your face & like trying to breath in a sauna. Went to come outside to see terrace, no thank you! Breaky is @ 6:30 to 10:30, with check-out @ 12pm, woooo hooo, sleep in til 9:30am! Won't get back here until 10:30 tonight as tour goes for 6hrs. Was planning to then shower, get changed & have few drinks @ bar in Emerites shop centre, but will see how I go. May fall asleep on the camel, pmsl! Shuttle bus to emerites mall/sking is free but only leaves @ 9:30am then @ 6:10pm. Heads back @ 1:30 & 10pm. But guy @ reception, so nice, told me only 5mins in cab & very cheap cabs here. Plus concierge out front of hotel, so all good between here & shops. Chatted to guy @ reception, laughed @ difference in weather. Only rains here about once a year! Ok, off to shops for couple of hrs & get some lunch : )

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